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Did you forget to enroll? It isn't too late! Complete the 2014-15 enrollment application and call the Learning Center that you wish to attend to find out how to complete your enrollment. There are still spots available!

All students, including those who were students during the 2013-14 school year, need to complete the 2014-15 enrollment application and come in to the center during enrollment, to attend school during the 2014-15 school year.

If the last school you attended was not a USD 259 school, please bring a copy of your transcript to enrollment. 

Questions about who we are and what we do? Our new informational videos are a great way to learn about our program! Just click on Informational Videos in the navigation bar on the left side of this page. 

Iseman Photography captured the gradation images for the Learning Centers of Wichita.  If you would like to view any of these images, you can visit the photo gallery at:
If you would like to order any prints, you can order on-line at the link above or you can email Iseman Photography at with your request. 


Learning Centers                                             smiles for learning

Chester I. Lewis
Learning Center

1847 N. Chautauqua 
Wichita, KS 67214
PH (316) 973-0514
FAX (316) 973-0509

Towne East
Learning Center

7700 E. Kellogg, Suite 799   |   Wichita, KS 67207
PH (316) 973-4105
FAX (316) 683-1205

Towne West
Learning Center

4600 W. Kellogg, Ste M06   |   Wichita, KS 67209
PH (316) 973-4100
FAX (316) 943-1823

Yes You Can
At the Learning Centers of Wichita, our vision is a city where all adults have earned a high school diploma and have skills necessary to be contributing members of society. To bring this vision into reality, our mission is to provide a personalized experience that leads to a high school diploma, equipping students to achieve their future goals and opportunities.

Towne East, Towne West, or Chester I Lewis Adult Learning Center
Certain student data of Unified School District No. 259 students is stored and maintained in statewide longitudinal data systems. A law was passed in 2014 that requires school districts to provide annual notice to parents concerning when a school district is allowed to disclose student data maintained in a statewide longitudinal data system to third parties.
Under the 2014 law, a school district may disclose student data that is maintained in a statewide longitudinal data system to:
  • Authorized personnel of an educational agency or the state board of regents who require disclosure to perform assigned duties, and
  • The student and the parent or legal guardian of the student, provided the data pertains solely to the student.
In addition, student data maintained in a statewide longitudinal data system may be disclosed to authorized personnel of any state agency or to a service provider of a state agency, educational agency, or school performing instructions, assessment or longitudinal reporting, provided a data-sharing agreement between the educational agency and other state agency or service provider provides the following:
  • Purpose, scope and duration of data-sharing agreement
  • Recipient of student data uses such information solely for the purposes specified in the agreement
  • Student data will be destroyed when no longer necessary for purposes of the data-sharing agreement or upon expiration of the agreement, whichever occurs first.
A service provider engaged to perform a function of instruction may be allowed to retain student transcripts maintained in a statewide longitudinal data system as required by applicable laws and rules and regulations.
Unless an adult student or parent or guardian of a minor student provides written consent to disclose personally identifiable student data maintained in a statewide longitudinal data system, such student data may only be disclosed to a governmental entity not specified above or any public or private audit and evaluation or research organization if the data is aggregate data. “Aggregate data” means data collected or reported at the group, cohort or institutional level and which contains no personally identifiable student data.
The district may disclose:
  • Student directory information maintained in a statewide longitudinal data system when necessary and the student’s parent or legal guardian has consented in writing
  • Directory information maintained in a statewide longitudinal data system to an enhancement vendor providing photography services, class ring services, yearbook publishing services, memorabilia services or similar services
  • Any student data information from a statewide longitudinal data system requiring disclosure pursuant to state statutes
  • Student data maintained in a statewide longitudinal data system pursuant to any lawful subpoena or court order directing such disclosure
  • Student data maintained in a statewide longitudinal data system to a public or private postsecondary educational institution for purposes of application or admission of a student to such postsecondary educational institution with the student’s written consent.
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